12, 14 or 24 panel yurts please feel free to contact us.

You can choose your yurts from different colors, sizes and with or without windows.
All yurts contain 100% pure sheep wool felt, breathable thick cotton tarpaulin and
plus oven + oven tubes. Original handmade yurts
imported directly from Mongolia. Without floor / furniture.


You will buy original Mongolian yurts, handmade in Mongolia by Mongolian craftsman.

When we talk about room, we mean distinctly zoned rooms for living, free time and hobbies, for experiences, various events, moments to retreat and relax, for family parties and much more.

A room like this is usually not easy to convert in our Middle-European area. In addition there is the flexibility, e.g. turning your living room into an event room. Then there’s the question of mobility of such a room. The North American way is to throw all rooms, all you belong onto a trailer and move from A to B. Contrary to this ideal a yurt has a very easy way to deal with this challenge. All you need is a place of farm land and, depending on how long you want to stay, a fitting underground, preferably natural and breathable, and you are ready to build it up. A yurt is wonderfully flexible for changing places, if you found your passion for it.